Art Templates

Adobe Illustrator - export files as EPS or PDF.

Adobe InDesign - export files as EPS or PDF.
Adobe Photoshop - export files as EPS or PDF. DO NOT flatten layers.

Convert all text to paths, curves or outlines. File should be in CMYK not RGB.
Photos must have a resolution of 300 dpi or higher at final print size otherwise they may end up looking pixelated and blurry. Resolution cannot simply be increased in the program if working from a low resolution file. Most internet images are a low resolution of 72 dpi. We CAN print low resolution images but CAN'T guarantee the quality.

If Using Canva:
File > Create new design > Custom size.
Enter the size of the product and make sure the measurements are in inches.
Go back to File > View settings, and make sure Show print bleed is selected. Create your art.
Share > Download > File type PDF Print. Make sure Crop marks and bleeds is selected as well as the CMYK color profile. Download.

Artwork that needs to be recreated will incur a fee and may delay production time. Artwork can be confusing and we will always inform you if we receive the wrong file type and allow you to submit a revised file format should you have one.